Martial Law In America: Will Obama Create A Police State?

Americans enjoy freedoms that are foreign to people in lots of other countries. Think about everything you can do in the United States. You can go from one state to the next without showing ID. You can put something in your home without worrying about the police barging in and taking it. You can buy a gun. If you’re arrested, you have the right to a speedy trial. All of these rights are part of what makes America a great nation. To eliminate those rights would be to eliminate America as you know it.

That’s what makes martial law such a frightening concept. Marital law occurs when the military rules over the people. It can be declared in times of emergency. If Obama were to declare martial law in America, rights and freedoms would be severely restricted, if not taken away all together. Basically, the Constitution is thrown out the window.

Understanding Martial Law

In order to fully understand martial law, you need to understand a soldier’s belief system. This system can impact how people are treated during martial law.

First, the military works alone. They don’t take orders from the local police. In fact, they probably view the local police as inferior. Because of that, you can’t turn to the local police for help during martial law.

martial lawNot only will they refuse to work with police, they will also refuse to listen to your complaints. You can’t just talk to a soldier’s supervisor. You also won’t get anywhere by complaining to another solider. They are brothers in arms. Thus, if you have a complaint about another solider, don’t expect to be heard.

Soldiers will follow their orders, unless they view those orders as illegal. Even if a solider does see an order as illegal, that doesn’t mean he will listen to you. He will determine that on his own and come to his own decision, without your help.

They also view the public as helpless. They think people can’t take care of themselves. The military believes that people can’t handle stressful situations and they can’t make their own decisions.

That being said, even though they think you are helpless, they will not abandon their posts to help you. They have their orders to stay at their post, and you can beg and plead, but they will not leave that post, with the exception of extreme circumstances.

It’s also important to note that soldiers can shoot to kill if they are threatened. If you shoot at them, throw an object at them, or act in a way that causes them to feel threatened, they are allowed to kill you on the spot.

While many people don’t believe it could ever happen in America, the truth is that it already has to some degree. Continue to Surviving Martial Law to learn more about martial law in America and how you can be prepared.